How advice from an ophthalmologist can help you deliver bad news.

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Create hope, not fear.

In the age of virtual meetings, Slidedocs may be a better answer.

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I had a problem. There are two business units in our city that share the responsibility for seizing and towing vehicles. I know, you’re already falling asleep at your desk and there’s a little pool of drool by your mouse pad. But hang in there with me.

Getting proactive about how and why you drink.

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When listening to the stories, these were people who, a few weeks ago, were actually functioning very well, holding down jobs, living normal, day-to-day lives.

Within three weeks they’d become dependent alcoholic drinkers and needing detoxification rehab.

If you look at what lockdown meant to people’s lives — so first of all, having to get up every day to go to work and take the kids to school — all of that just stopped.

Somebody described it perfectly to me — ‘Every day is Friday night now’ — and there’s no reason to get up in the morning.

You add…

The path to bouncing back stronger.

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Resilience is not just for surviving the worst day of your life, it’s for thriving every day of your life. Rick Hanson

Global pandemic, social justice activism, the global climate crisis. If there ever was a year to challenge our resilience, 2020 wins.

Why and how you eat is as important as what you eat.

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My partner Gary inhaled his extra-large Donair Poutine (It’s a Nova Scotia thing. Think fat and starch covered in salt. And then more fat.) Under 5 minutes. Gone.

Steve Gillett

Dad, husband, first responder, personal trainer, nutrition coach, resilience coach, animal lover. Will tolerate select humans individually or in small groups.

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